This a great app for every lady who wants to learn the craft of crochet

This a great app for every lady who wants to learn the craft of crochet

An application that provides the possibility of teaching crochet to every woman who wants to 

learn crochet

From scratch to professionalism, the application offers crochet lessons from

Beginning to professionalism, step by step, with photos and videos.

- Teach you all kinds of stitches such as:

1- Chain stitch

2- Stuffing stitch

3- The half-column stitch

4- Column stitch

5- The triple-column stitch

6- The quadruple column stitch

7- The five-column stitch

8- The sliding stitch.

Extensive information about the needles used in crochet and the types of yarns used

In crochet, the method of holding the thread, how to hold the crochet needle, and the method of work

starting node and chain height.

Application features:

- The application is free, but it contains ads.

- This application only supports the Arabic language.

- It provides you with an illustration of each part to fully understand the steps and their details.

- All the steps in this application are simplified, and a special explanation is very suitable for all ages, for easy explanation.

- Offers you offers for other lessons below each explanation you reach.

- The explanation provided by the application is presented to you in sequence and in an orderly manner so that you learn correctly.

- It has a search feature so that you can search for the topic you want very quickly and easily.

- The application works without the need to connect to the Internet.

- It contains a video explanation for each lesson to get a practical explanation to make learning easier.

- The application has an easy-to-use interface, and you can modify the appearance of the application interface.

- The application allows you to change the font.

To download 

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