Download safe cartoon videos and bring fun to your kids

Download safe cartoon videos and bring fun to your kids

Parents do not have to worry about their children watching YouTube videos

And what videos they watch, you can now download videos

Entertaining and educational for your children with the content you want through this application.

- It is a safe video app for kids to which free educational episodes of cartoons are added

Kid-friendly weekly Your child will play, learn and grow as they watch the designed episodes

To spark his imagination and curiosity.

- Watch free live TV from PBS KIDS 24 hours a day

7 days a week on the app without signing up or logging in! Enter the postal code

and click on "LIVE TV" to see what's on your local station.

Application features:

- Allows you to watch over 400 free full episodes of over 35 PBS KIDS shows

- Safe and entertaining content for your children at the same time.

- You can download shows to watch offline.

- The application provides direct or on-demand educational entertainment content.

What are the new videos every week?

- Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

- Wild Krats

- Sesame Street

- Oud band

Curious George

Alma way

  Elinor wonders why

- Arthur

  Dinosaur train

- Pink and Peterrific

  - Molly Denali

Hiro Elementary

Clifford the Big Red Dog

- Let's go, Luna

Nature cat

- The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that

All this and more!

To download 

click here

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