A fun way to prepare for MBA through logical challenges

A fun way to prepare for MBA through logical challenges

An application that relies on your intelligence and your ability to logical analysis offers you a collection

Of the pictures and one of them is missing you have to find it. It's a simple fun way

To test your logical skills, the app improves your way of thinking to prepare for any competitive exams.

- The application includes 20 groups and each group contains 20 questions.

You can take as many tests as you want.

- Practice mode for the quiz where you know the correct answers instantly (without timers)

- Timed mode of quiz where you have to attend 20 questions in 20 minutes

- The application provides you with a detailed report of all the tests that you have passed

- You can check the correct answer against any wrong answers

You control font size, error reporting, and results display options

- Designed for phones and tablets (screens with large resolutions)

- A great app that helps students with MBA, Management entrance exams

Bank, GRE, GMAT like any exam. The application is designed in such a way that this person can

From any age in any country use and benefit.

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