An application that hides your number and makes it private when calling

An application that hides your number and makes it private when calling

A unique application that enables you to hide your number when calling someone in an easy way

By selecting the people you want not to see your number when you call them

And all that with just one click.

- The application is free and does not need to pay fees, and you can also send text messages from 

your number

Not showing the number.

- The application has an easy-to-use interface that is not complicated, it is an important application 

in the software world

The application also has the Arabic language, which helps you to operate it in an easy and simple way.

It also allows you to directly email or share call recordings

on social networking applications.

Application features:

The application works on all Android devices and requires the Android 4.1 operating system

The latest is also available for IOS devices.

- This is an app that does not take up a lot of the phone's internal space and has a small size

It is only 8.6MB, so it will not slow down your device.

- The application is completely free and does not require a fee payment system within it and is available to everyone

Persons in different countries are even banned.

- The application enables you to record calls and share them via email or WhatsApp.

- Allows you to hide your phone number while making local and international calls.

- It hides the number of sending SMS messages.

- You can make local and international calls with high quality without having to show the number.

- It works through Wi-Fi networks or through the data of your device's chip.

- Helps you transfer credit to anyone anywhere without paying a fee.

Through it, you can easily recharge the balance.

- It also shows the tariffs of countries before calling and knowing the price of international calls.

To download 

click here

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