Download Find My Phone, a program to protect the phone from theft

 Download Find My Phone, a program to protect the phone from theft and retrieve the stolen phone and track it in case of theft. This program helps you to return your phone if it was stolen and determine the location of the phone. You can go to this place and bring the mobile again. When you open the program, it asks you do you want to register As a new guest, or do you want to log in with your Gmail account, but if you choose your Gmail account, the program asks you to enter the password for the Gmail account, then after that you can now enter the program after entering the password, and the program asks you to give it permission to perform its task. Download the Find My Device application from Google, it makes it easier for you to find your device in the event of theft or if the mobile is lost from you. It also asks you to agree to the terms of service, in which it is required to activate the GPS in order to access the stolen or lost mobile. Also, when entering the program, the program determines the location of the private mobile. It also determines the percentage of charge in the battery and the WiFi network to which your phone is connected. Indeed, it is a global trend in the world of technology. Finding my device from Go Google saves you time and effort.

Features of the Google Find My Device app

As finding my device Find My Phone with a direct link is very wonderful, it is possible to play the ringing sound of the mobile, you can hear its voice in the event of its loss, and it can also be secured from theft by pressing the device’s lock menu and entering the number of the owner and the name, and the device cannot be opened, as it is He found the phone that can call you without the need to open the device. It is a very wonderful program that works to protect you from thieves who plan to steal a device. The program also allows you to switch the account with another account to search for more than one email. You can also specify the location of the site in which the mobile phone is located. It has been stolen. You can also rename the device to enjoy another name. You can also ask for help and see the comments. When you click on this menu, you will read a report about the possibility of finding the device, locking it, or erasing its entire data if you carry a lot of data on the stolen or lost phone as well. The last known location of it is displayed in the event that the program does not reach the current location, and the device tone is played even if the device is placed on silent mode to know the location of the device. It also displays the status of the device. The network to which the device is connected and the status of the battery, which shows the percentage of charge in the battery. The program also enables you to send opinions and notes to the technical support team of the program. Finding My Device from Google allows you to display the application in Google Play.

   It also provides the ability to print the help article. Finding My Device from Google also helps you to erase the help data if you do not want it. There is also information about the downloaded version, which is the name of the program and the version number. There are also terms of service that you can view and there is also a privacy policy. Find My Phone Apk is a very useful application that you can download on your phone to avoid the problem of losing or stealing it. You can also download it on your children’s tablet to avoid theft as well. One of its most important features is that it is easy to use. Any age group can deal with it very easily now. Download the program from Google Play to protect yourself against theft and thieves.

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