The Glasgow Coma Scale to assess the degree of awareness of patients in this app

The Glasgow Coma Scale to assess the degree of awareness of patients in this app

An application that explains to you complete information about the Glasgow scale. It is a simple 

and easy application

To assess the patient's level of awareness in an emergency situation. The Glasgow Coma Scale is used

  (GCS score) is also widely used to assess the severity of the traumatic head injury, consists

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS score) consisted of three tests, namely, ocular and response

Verbal and motor. The highest possible GCS score is 15 (E4V5M6), while the lowest

It is 3 (E1V1M1).

- Glasgow Coma Scale: measures GCS score and level of consciousness and allows the user to choose

Between a Standard GCS score or a Pediatric GCS score. There are slight differences between the standard GCS

and Pediatrics, especially in the verbal component after which the user needs to choose from several

Options for a best verbal and oculomotor response.

The Glasgow Coma Scale: GCS Score, Level of Consciousness will show a score and a conclusion

The seriousness of the possible head injury, there are three conclusions, which a mild and 

moderate injury And severe in the head.

- All accounts should be re-examined and should not be used alone to guide patient care

It should not be a substitute for clinical judgment.

Application features:

- The application is very simple and easy to use.

- Simply choose between the standard GCS score or the GCS Kids Score feature.

Interpretation of the GCS score (traumatic head injury severity).

Useful for the health professional in emergency situations.

- It's a completely free app.

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