An application that displays your phone screen on the home screen

An application that displays your phone screen on the home screen. Download it now

An application that connects the phone to the TV. This technology allows you to display your phone screen on the TV

Now you can easily access all your games, photos, and videos

Available on your mobile phone and other applications on a large screen.

- This app is one of the best Android apps

- It is a simple, easy to use and free application that provides you with a connection

Safe to protect your data, files, and applications.

- The application to connect the phone to the TV is distinguished by its very distinctive 

design and also distinguished by its backgrounds

It also helps you to spend a very enjoyable time with your family by hearing it

Movies and series with each other on TV instead of listening to them alone on

Your phone, as it works to protect you from visual impairment, as it is when you watch 

movies and series

On the small screen of your phone, it causes poor eyesight, and it is one of the 

applications that does not contain

Many ads mix with other applications.

It allows you to stream movies, music, and photos to your TV instantly with ease and simplicity.

How the app works:

1- Make sure that the TV and the phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

2- Turn on the Miracast Display feature on the TV

3- Turn on Wireless Display on your phone

4- Click on the "Select" button and choose your TV

5- Enjoy!

To download 

click here

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