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This application is designed to suit most users, as it is suitable for a student, employee, business owner, artist, and others, as it is suitable for everyone who aspires to take advantage of every minute of his day to become more productive. Few steps to create your own database that will start as soon as you use the application. It is a free application - and it also has a paid version - and is available for Android and IOS, and you can download it on your personal computer as well.

Notion application features

But what drives me to download the Notion app specifically?! My phone store is full of time management and task coordination applications!

Great question.. Let's find out what distinguishes Notion from other time management applications:

Make a To-Do-List

Notion gives you the freedom to write your own list, and if you are a beginner in recording your tasks, the application offers you various lists - mostly - that will be your choice within it. When you finish a task you have to mark it and it will be crossed out which gives you a great feeling of accomplishment

You can write on the application comfortably

If you want to write some notes about a specific task, you can, through Notation, convert the task from just an item in a list to a full page by clicking on it, a new page for this item starts.

It doesn't stop at writing notes

  Rather, you can write complete texts, re-edit and modify whatever you want, as it is equipped with the feature of modifying and formatting texts easily, as if you were using word office

Make sure that what you write will not be seen by anyone but you unless you want to share what you wrote.

You can consider Notion as your own draft

  In which you present, amend and add your ideas, you can also share this draft with others, and even submit it for modification by your colleagues

For download: click here

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