Download the best electronic payment method in Syria, version 2023

 Download the best electronic payment method in Syria, version 2023

An important application for the residents of Syria is provided by MTN. It offers a payment method

Easy electronic through the application you can buy services and pay bills

Landlines, electricity, and water, all through your mobile phone

- Any number can create an electronic account to be able to use it for payment operations

Amounts of money to a merchant's account or money transferred to another subscriber's account

as possible

The account is to receive the money transferred from another number.

How to create an online account on the application:

1- Download the application.

2- Log in and enter your code to use when transferring money from your e-wallet.

3- A verification code will be sent to your private number, and after entering the application, 

the account will be defined.

4- Within the application, you can use the following options

- Check the electronic balance: whether the account is a merchant or a joint account.

Merchant payment process.

Transferring funds from one subscriber to another.

5- At the end of each process, a summary appears showing the operation that was performed and 

when the operation was completed

Successfully, you will receive a message from the recipient with payment details.

Application features:

- The electronic payment service provided by the program in cooperation with the Syrian Payments

The subscriber was able to pay and pay a group of bills related to electricity and water

Fixed telephone and Internet bills, and the electronic services portal (Citizen Service Centre).

Traffic fines and local administration fees.

- It is also possible, through the Cash Mobile application, to recharge and recharge MTN balance

 for any mobile phone

Line with ease, and pay mtn bills for postpaid lines.

- The application has recently added a service window that allows dealing with small finance banks 

and transferring funds.

- As well as the possibility of paying passport transaction fees.

 to download

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