Download YouTube safe app for kids and valuable content

Download YouTube safe app for kids and valuable content

It is a video application specially designed for children to provide a safer environment for children so that they can play

Starting an easy and fun journey of discovery on their own, which makes it easier for parents and carers

Guide children's journey as they explore new and exciting interests.

You don't have to worry about your kids watching YouTube and being afraid of harmful things

With this application, the Internet is safer for your children, too.

The app uses a combination of programmed filters designed by engineering teams

Video review by moderators, also taking into account parental feedback

To protect young users on the Internet. However, no system is perfect as it may appear

Some videos are not suitable, so we are constantly working on improving our procedures

Protection and more features to help parents create the right experience for their families.

- The application enables you to set the time of looking at the screen:

Now you can limit the amount of time your kids watch videos per day to encourage them to move on

From watching online to participating in offline activities.

You can also follow what they watch:

Just check the Watch Again page and you'll always know what your kids are watching.

and the latest interests they are exploring.

- Ban feature:

If you don't like video content, you can block it or even block the channel

completely so that it does not appear again.


You can always alert us about inappropriate content by flagging a video for review

Flagged videos are reviewed 24/7.

- You can create up to eight child profiles, each with settings

It's own about watching, video suggestions, and more. And you can choose the mode

"Approved Content Only" or choose an age group that suits your child, such as "Kindergarten"

or "younger children" or "older children".

- The types of videos suitable for all children have been selected

Our library includes family-friendly videos that address various topics and promote a sense of well-being

Creativity and fun for children and these videos include everything that may interest your children

music and educational content like how to build a model volcano (or play with goo),

In addition to other types of content.

To download 

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