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Breaking news! An accident followed by a death in a sophisticated restaurant and your responsibility is to determine whether it is just an accident or not! A famous television host and the victim's sister are somehow canceled in everything. Was it really made? Is she able to kill her flesh and blood? Along with your loyal colleagues and your partners, try to take a look at the perfect killer who perfectly plays his suspicious roles on police cameras!

♟️ Enjoy the attractive story full of unexpected transformations in the plot!

Spend your time with diving in the detective world! Are you strong enough to discover hidden things and solve a real crime? The dynamic development plot with the investigation of the crime scene certainly will not leave you indifferent!

♟️ Make difficult options that affect your career and many other life!

The player has the opportunity to make decisions and choose personal phrases for a specific work. Impact on the script story plot, search for hidden things and find them as an expert in forensic medicine. Don't forget that only your choice determines the course of this mysterious game!

♟️ Play this episode of the series to be completely ready for the next episode!

Each game is an episode of one story related to law and order. Cross your way through this criminal games chain using conclusion, mystery, search, find hidden things to move to the next episode and know who is the killer!

♟️ Do your investigation!

Leadership of the crime scene and finding something, working with your team in forensic games, collecting all evidence, dealing with the evidence game and solving the murder like the real investigator!

♟️ You will never be lost with our strategy guide!

Stalled in any puzzle adventure games? There is no problem - the detailed guidelines will always help you develop excitement games for the missing person!

This game has a free demo part. You can open the full version through the application inside the application.

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