Download the best application for viewing dubbed Turkish series

Download the best application for viewing dubbed Turkish series

This is an important application that offers you many old and new Turkish series

Dubbed in Arabic, it is easy to use and you can navigate between its pages easily

All that is new from Turkish series, translated and dubbed, you will find in your hands and all

The episodes that are currently shown are provided within the application, dubbed Turkish series, 

as soon as possible.

- The most important features of the application:

The application contains two parts, the first section is dubbed the Turkish series, and the other section

Turkish series translated as it contains more than two hundred Turkish series above

Quality and without much consumption on the Internet.

It contains all translated Turkish series and dubbed Turkish series that are currently being shown

New episodes are added before everyone else, as it contains all Turkish series

In the last ten years, there is the advantage of requesting your favorite Turkish series to be added to 

the application

In just one day.

- The application is easy to use and does not contain any annoying ads.

It has high-accuracy search engines. It is enough to type one word from the name of the series, and 

you will get it.

It presents a new series in high definition.

- You can now watch translated Turkish films and dubbed Turkish films with the application so that 

it becomes an application

Including Turkish series and movies, translated and dubbed into Arabic.

- Ergonomic design and simple to use

- Daily updates on exclusive Turkish series

- Add episodes every day

Send daily notifications

- You can search on serial

To download 

click here

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