A program that enables you to remove anything that you do not want in your photos


A program that enables you to remove anything that you do not want in your photos

An app that acts as a photo eraser that removes any unwanted object from your photos

Image by Auto Object Remover.

- The application enables you to remove unwanted people from your photos

Or clean text or logo from photos, and retouch your photos This app is not only an editor

An excellent photo but also a photo eraser tool.

- The application has a mixture of great features and developed tools and means that

It enables you to easily make the desired changes in any image with ease

And speed while fully preserving the quality of any image, which made the application so popular

Very large immediately after its release in the market, which won the admiration of all its users 

around the world.

Application features:

- The application has a lot of distinct tools that are carefully prepared and that enable you to deal

Edit photos carefully.

- The application enables you to remove anything unwanted, whether people, objects, or even stickers

Or written words that you can delete with high accuracy just by using the tip of your finger to 

delete them.

- The application is easy to use and easy for everyone to use without any difficulty in use.

- The app also gives you the ability to paste any of your own images to any background you like

So that you can place your photos in famous places around the world to make it appear as if you have visited them

In fact, not just a picture.

- It also has the ability to erase all blemishes, impurities, acne, and any pimples

In the skin, your face appears in the picture completely clear and free of any defects.

- Erases fine objects in the image such as strings, wires, or even streamers

On the streets to get a very professional and quality image.

The application is characterized by its small size, and therefore it will not take up much space on

 the phone

It works on all Android devices.

- The application does not require high operating requirements to be able to use on the mobile

It is enough to have a phone with a RAM capacity of 1 GB only with an Android version starting from 5.0

or later, in order to ensure that the application runs smoothly and with the required quality.

To download 

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