Control your home router settings through your mobile phone

Control your home router settings through your mobile phone

The application enables you to enter the settings page of the router to access the basic functions

It is an application that solves all the problems of Internet routers, as there are some people

Facing a problem in controlling the Internet, from adjusting Internet settings, and changing them,

Through the application, you can easily change these settings.

- It is one of the best easy-to-use light applications, which was released in 2021

Its size is about 9MB, which makes it suitable for all versions of smartphones

As the number of its users has reached about 500,000 people around the world as a result of its support of systems

Operations for smartphones, Arabic and English as you wish, and a group

There are different types of routers in different telecom companies such as We, Orange, Vodafone, 

and Etisalat

Application features:

- View Wi-Fi settings, change the network name or password, and control

The maximum number of connected devices on the Wi-Fi and hide or show the network.

- Determine the Wi-Fi speed to 6 megabytes and control the Wi-Fi signal strength.

- View connected and active devices on Wi-Fi.

Displaying landline data with a clear Arabic translation for each item.

- Adjust service provider account settings with the ability to save account data for later use easily.

You can also reboot the router or go back to factory settings with the press of a button.

The application supports the Arabic language and is easy to use.

- The application supports all types of routers, and if they are not all, it supports most of them.

What types of routers does the application support?











TP-Link TD-W9960

TP-Link TD-W8968

TP-Link VR600

TP-Link VR400

TP-Link VR900

TotoLink ND300

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