Track your anxiety levels and your mood swings with this app

 Track your anxiety levels and your mood swings with this app

If you feel depressed or suffer from headaches when going to certain places or seeing certain people, all these problems are solved on this app.

- The app provides you with an analysis of how different activities or events may affect your mood or symptoms. Not only that, but since the mood logs are fully customizable, you can use the logs to track just about anything you want.

- Many mood trackers have it but that's all they do. You can see how your mood fluctuates but unless you're good at finding patterns (without a retrieval bias) it's hard to know what triggers or associated events.

- The app allows you to record your moods in 15-minute intervals throughout the day. Moods can fluctuate greatly with different activities, so a simple mood tracker once a day isn't enough to help you understand changes in your mood.

- The analysis feature in the app will tell you the moods that occurred with you

These actions and average rating for each mood.

Analysis of contributing factors to somatic symptoms It has long been known that the reporting of somatic symptoms is affected by what is known as 'recall bias'. As a result, it often is

People's reporting of past pain is inaccurate. A mood history can help you see associations between your symptoms and specific situations. By keeping a daily log, you are less likely to be affected by recall bias.

Treatment by application:

The mood log has unlimited potential as an aid to therapy

You can track different treatment interventions and how your mood or symptoms are affected.

- This app can help you more understand yourself to make effective changes in your life.

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