An application that puts in your hands more than 300 supplications every day

 An application that puts in your hands more than 300 supplications every day

A new application that enables you to read and listen to more than 300 supplications every day

It also enables you to know the prayer times, the Hijri date, the Qibla, and special alerts to give you the

appropriate supplication at the right time.

- This application is needed by every Muslim in his daily life. It provides the Muslim with many supplications that must be read daily, such as morning and evening supplications.

- You can control the font size and color in order to fit with your eyes without any difficulty when using the application, and this is through your control over the font size, whether you want it small or large, and what is distinguished by it is that it works without the Internet and it is the best application of supplications without the net that you can use in Anytime and anywhere you want.

- The application does not require effort when using it because the application interface is easy and


Anyone can use it easily, and the application provides an explanation of the dhikr that you are reading.

Application features:

- Contains supplications to read every day with counters to help you know what you have read

throughout the day.

- Remembrances for reading on special occasions, the month of Ramadan, death, or others.

- A program to complete the Qur’an in Ramadan and supplications at Iftar.

- The ability to mark favorite supplications to enable you to find them easily.

- Alerts to remind you of your daily supplications (alarms can be turned off from settings).

- It also offers prayer times Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

- Listen to the Holy Quran with audio.

- Hijri date with various occasions.

- The application is fully translated into Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and


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