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First aid, through this wonderful application, there will be a doctor in your home who can act in all situations and help save human life, you can use it on an Android phone or iPhone without any difficulty as it works on all types of phones.

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It also does not contain ads like some other applications, and the First Aid application has been downloaded through the official Google Play Store by many people, approximately 100 thousand people, and it also contains some tests that you can share with your friends, the workers on the application add many One of the continuous developments and features so that all people can use it with ease, and what indicates that it is one of the distinguished applications that it got a very distinguished rating of 4.6 stars, and many people who use it say that it is a very wonderful program and it helped them a lot in their lives and they benefited a lot from it, all of this indicates It is indispensable on your phone until it helps you in emergency situations.

Features of the application of first aid

Completely free with all its features that you can use without paying any money.

It is characterized by speed, you can browse it easily and learn first aid in each of the sections.

Its area is very small, as it does not take up much space like others, and its area is approximately 6 MB.

It is supported by pictures and videos that make it much easier for you to know everything.

It is available in many different countries of the world such as Egypt, Palestine, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

It has translation feature for more than 40 languages, including Arabic.

It helps you to easily find the information you want through the search feature available within it.

It also features a simplified explanation so that all people can use it.

The First Aid application also contains an emergency number that will help you contact the ambulance and summon it, by pressing the number in it.

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