Teach your children how to take care of an earthquake with this game

 Teach your children how to take care of an earthquake with this game

We must educate our children about natural disasters and earthquakes and how to deal with them if they

happen, and teach children how to prepare for them so that they can stay safe if an earthquake occurs.

This game recreates actual situations in the event of an earthquake. It helps children develop the skills

needed to survive and teaches them how to take cover in the event of an earthquake.

How do you protect your children in the event of an earthquake?

-You should always have an emergency earthquake bag at home with your main items.

You must take cover under something solid inside the house and remain outside in the open air.

You must protect your head, cover your nose and mouth, and teach your children that.

 -Behave in a way that suits your location.

Do not panic, keep your courage and calmness in order not to frighten your children.

Features of this game:

- The content has been supported by scientific material and has been reviewed by earthquake experts.

- A real earthquake is recreated so that children can learn through a game format.

- The app teaches you how to take cover in different places, including at home, school, supermarket, or

on the street.

- Fun game in two ways. Children's interest increases when they help animals in the game.

- Cool animations that show you how the earthquake warning works.

- Illustrations of rescue operations available to enhance your knowledge of earthquake rescue.

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