The mechanism for activating the Syrian Telecom Company offer after the recent incidents

 After the earthquake hit the northern region of Syria, the Syrian Telecom Company decided to present a special offer to serve all the areas that were exposed to danger and damage as a result of the earthquake, especially in the regions of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Lattakia

Offer details

The Syrian Telecom Company presented a special offer to all users of the Internet portals service in Syria, and the offer is as follows: 20 GB plus 100 free call minutes, as a small compensation by the company for all those affected who were injured in the earthquake

ST Syrian Telecom application

This application is the official application of the Syrian Telecom Company, and within this application, you will be able to activate the offer mentioned in our article earlier by entering the application to the billing and payment section, and then you will find the offer and do it there

You can download the application of the Syrian company, contact via the following link


click here

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