Download the most beautiful themes for the call screen on your phone

  Download the most beautiful themes for the call screen on your phone

This application gives you a colorful call screen and the most beautiful themes

It is the latest caller screen changer with calling themes, customize screen display

Caller, colorful party lights and custom call screen, etc.

App decorate call screen with call screen theme and color phone theme

Including love call screen themes, funny themes, etc

- The application allows you to set up a call screen theme for all contacts or a flash

Call to specific people There is a LED flash function for calls that LED flashlight

  For Calls, You will not miss incoming calls.

- With this application, you will be able to give a unique touch to the call screen of your smartphone

It will give you a number of themes that you can use to customize your device. It is enough to choose

The theme you like to personalize your friends' connections. Better yet, you can

Specify one theme for each of your contacts.

- With the app, you can add different visual effects, hearts, and even animals

Attractive animations Let your imagination run wild because this tool gives you unlimited options.

Features of this application:

- It offers you many cool and beautiful background images to choose from.

- Reminds you of calls when your phone is on silent with caller screen and call flash theme.

- Unique fun caller screen themes with colorful phone themes and caller screen style

In caller screen changer.

- Sends blinking and sparkling alerts on call, flash alerts to all your incoming calls.

- Caller screen for incoming calls with call flash. Beautiful caller screen display

And elegant in caller screen themes.

If the app does not work while the phone screen is locked, follow these steps

1-Go to the application information

2-Click Other Permissions

3-Click Show on the lock screen

4-Allow display on the lock screen

To download 

click here

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