The first Arab application specialized mainly in the health of women and children

 The first Arab application specialized mainly in the health of women and children

A wonderful application that provides you with everything you need about the health of your body.

Extensive articles about everything that happens inside your body

The application provides reliable information in many areas of medicine, health, diet, and nutrition.

Women's Health

Diseases, treatments, and various tools such as symptom diagnostics, medical calculators, and others,

through articles

And visual presentations and daily news that contain everything new in the world of medicine and


- A large group of professional professionals, administrators, editors, and programmers work on the


And designers, specialists in advertising and marketing, and administrators, according to the highest

professional and ethical standards

To ensure that the quality of the content and services provided is maintained and continuously


Application contents:

- Dissemination of scientifically proven medical materials (Evidence-Based Medicine) approved by institutions'

responsible professional bodies.

- Respecting copyrights, intellectual property, and the principles of professional and ethical work.

- Respecting individual privacy and not disclosing any information about surfers to any party.

Keeping abreast of the latest scientific developments and constantly updating the published content to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Application features:

You can view medical articles.

- The application enables you to obtain an approximate diagnosis of the problems that some suffer from

Patients, but this diagnosis does not replace a visit to the doctor.

- This application is considered one of the distinguished applications, as it is a reliable application that

provides many information in various medical fields.

- The application enables you to subscribe to the electronic newsletter, through which you can view the


Medical advice in the form of alerts without the need to enter the application itself to identify

You can activate or deactivate this feature as you activate notifications and the bulletin

Or cancel one of them and activate the other, then click on continue, and then you can use the


Steps to create an account on the app:

This application provides the ability to create an account with it to take advantage of many different

features, and there are more

A different choice is available to register in this where it can be registered using your account on the

communication site

Social Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail, but if you want to create an account for the application only, you

can click

To create an account and write the required data.

To download

click here

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