For new moms, an app that helps you find out why your baby is crying

 For new moms and dads, an app that helps you find out why your baby is crying

Crying is the only way children can express their feelings and communicate their ideas to others, and

this is a problem for mothers and fathers because they are unable to determine what the child needs

and translate the child's crying and what he wants, but with this wonderful application you will be able

to know why your child is crying constantly and what he wants All you have to do is record crying for

 10seconds and artificial intelligence will tell you what your child needs, through a huge

 database of crying children.

- The reasons may be “exhaustion, hunger, fatigue, discomfort, stress, boredom, and the need to

Tenderness and changing diapers.

- The application of knowing why a child is crying is characterized by an easy and attractive interface,

 and it takes less than 10 seconds to find out Baby crying with a set of tips on how to deal with the

 baby with ease.

Tips for using the app correctly:

- At the beginning of recording the child's voice, mothers and fathers should not make any sounds next

 to it The child's voice so that the program can reliably determine the cause.

- Parents, both parents, must take into consideration that this is a program as it exists

  It has a great success rate of 90%. It is not without error. If the child continues to cry and I take all

Precautions You should see the family doctor to be able to translate the baby's crying.

- The application is accompanied by a set of tips and instructions for the mother and father to help the

 parents in translating the cries of a child.

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