On every trip, you need an accountant This app will solve the issue

 On every trip, you need an accountant to manage financial matters. This app will solve the issue

- It is an application to manage daily and monthly expenses to help people manage their daily expenses

Their personal expenses and the division of costs simply with the ability to control them and save and

 invest Money in the most successful way the main task of the application is to organize bills and

 reduce stress and embarrassment that money imposes on our relationships.

- This application enables you to record each amount that your companions must pay you as a

 consideration for their percentage in the bill Or what you need to pay them if you owe them.

The interface of this app is divided into three tabs, Friends, Groups, and Activities

Which makes dealing with it very easy. Through the Friends tab, you will be able to

Access your friend's list and even the amount of money they owe you or vice versa

From the group tab, you'll be able to manage all of your combined payments.

- It will become very easy to go out for group meals and divide the bill between you with ease

Your friends will also know exactly what they owe to your group and you will be able to, too

Get to know who paid for this dish or that activity, and who gives you money as you can

You even get a little notice reminding you of what you have to pay.

Application features:

- It is the ideal application for group trips or family trips.

- The application backs up expenses via the Internet so that it can

Anyone can log in and view their balance and add expenses.

- A special cover image can be set for each group to facilitate handling and access.

- The ability to know the sum of all accounts and expenses within all classifications.

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