Learn English in a new and unique way with this application

 Learn English or teach it to your children in a new and unique way with this application

This application offers you a new idea for learning the English language because it presents it in an

auditory way, as everyone knows, hearing the language is one of the most important means of learning

 any new language, so this application will facilitate learning English by listening to video clips from

international cartoon films and series and understanding speech and all this from Native speakers were

you can practice hearing the language and knowing the pronunciation Proper linguists.

The application shows you a 10-second scene and mentions a sentence that you must select from the

options presented.

Application features:

- The application contains several difficult and easy levels.

- This application supports many foreign languages and also supports the Arabic language.

It is a very innovative way to help learners improve their English language skills

on their own, without the need for outside help.

It also provides teachers with the necessary tools to develop the language skills of their students in an

 attractive and interactive way.

- The application is free with all its services and features.

- A special section for children in the application.

It contains thousands of videos that are suitable for all ages and levels.

- The application enables you to make playlists and save the videos you liked.

- The application gives you a question for each clip you watch to answer it and then shows you the

 correct answer.

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