A fun game for kids for the long days off so download it now

 A fun game for kids for the long days off so download it now

A game with many levels in which you have to move each group of colored balls toward the cart that

Appears below. To do this, you must slide your finger across the sand and create tunnels that allow as

Many balls as possible to reach the end of the path.

Game features:

- The game has HD graphics in 3D

The game is free and available for Android and iPhone devices.

The way of playing:

- All you have to do is tap on the interface in order to make holes in the ground

Let the balls roll all the way to the end of the level. You will also come across some

The white balls you have to connect with balls of other colors so that they merge when they fall.

- On each of your adventures you will come across rotating platforms that change the trajectory of your balls

This will add a lot of variety to the game and let you discover what it looks like

It will help you more in order to achieve your goal and get as many balls as possible to the truck

Once you get to the vehicle, you'll see how many balls you've managed to get to the car successfully.

- The way to play it is very simple, but you should pay close attention so as not to miss any of the

 opportunities that you have

With which you can catch more balls.

To download 

click here

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