Download this application to know the weather, moment by moment

 Download this application to know the weather, moment by moment

One of the best applications related to the weather and weather forecast, is an important application

For people who are constantly moving between cities to know the weather in the place where they will


- The number of application users has reached more than 50 million users around the world

It also got many positive comments and ratings, which made it the best live weather app for Android.

It is a free application that runs on the Android system and provides users with the possibility

Know the weather and climate conditions and know the temperatures for any region in the world

It is also distinguished by presenting the weather conditions in an instantaneous and accurate manner,

And this is what distinguishes it from the weather forecast many other applications.

- This application has a location feature to display temperatures

And news of the weather in the area in which you are located, and it also has the feature of displaying

Degrees the temperature in the coming days.

- The application is free and does not require a fee to use or download it, the size of the application is

Small it does not require storage space on the phone's memory.

- It has a simple and uncomplicated interface, which allows you to use it easily.

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