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Surely you have ever wondered if someone is watching you on Facebook and accessing your profile frequently? And surely you would like to know the identity of that person and the reasons that prompt him to do so?

Certainly, we all strive to achieve information security and protect our privacy as much as possible, so we have dedicated the following article to you to talk about that topic and about effective ways through the use of applications that enable you to know this easily by relying on modern technology, software development and information security.

 Do you want to know who is accessing your Facebook account and you must know who is monitoring this account

 Perhaps you thought one day if someone logged into your Facebook account and watched your profile frequently, and also you thought about what drives him to this or why he accesses your account every day

 And in today’s article, we dedicated an application to you that helps you detect who accesses your Facebook accounts and monitors you. Of course, you care about protecting your information and privacy, as this application works on modern technology.

 It's the Who Viewed My Profile app.

 When you use this application, it will become easy to know who entered your account and then you can determine the identity of this person through your profile on the site based on algorithms, artificial intelligence and reliable databases. You can also know detailed information about this person who visits your account where you can  Then you can block them and prevent them from visiting your page if you do not feel safe with their presence. Perhaps this feature is the most distinguishing feature of today's application, which works on modern technologies and many sites, research and data analysts.

 The advantages of the application.

 1. This application is free and you do not have to pay any amount

 2. It is not necessary to log into your Facebook account so that you feel more secure on your account and your privacy, whether from hacking or theft

 3. This application is considered one of the huge applications and does not require you to delete a lot of files in order to have this application in your mobile phone.

 Is it possible to recognize who visits your personal account on Facebook?

 There are many applications on the Internet that claim to have the feature of knowing who accesses your personal account, but all of these applications are considered fake and false and their overall goal is to steal your information and data and violate your privacy, but Who Viewed My Profile application, can be placed among the safe applications that can be  Connect you to the person who is trying to access your account without causing you any harm or without stealing your information or even logging into your personal page.  who entered the account without harming the user who used it, and as we mentioned, these applications used many algorithms and artificial intelligence that made this application a destination for many without being afraid of using it

 Download the application. click here

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