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 Today’s application is a very distinguished application, as it is related to the kidneys, because it is an important application for the kidney specialist or even those who are interested in urology. It is the Kidney Anatomy application, where this application is used by many visitors to review the college, as it is characterized by a 360 degree rotation angle, in addition to the ease of moving a picture and many other  Reality-like 3D graphics

 What distinguishes this application is that it makes the learner see the kidneys and the rest of the urinary system, in addition to containing x-ray images that make the learner gain experience, in addition to the learner's ability to hide parts of the urinary system and show other parts, which helps him to know the organ he wants to study as  It can draw or capture from the screen and there are also many features such as correct phonetic pronunciation of all contents of the urinary system

 This application is very important for all students studying at the Faculty of Human Medicine, and even for the general public, as it is useful in reviewing the kidneys, in addition to the ureters and bladder.


 Technology and artificial intelligence made us look at many of the body’s devices. Perhaps one of the most important features that we found in this application is that we can now know a lot about kidney lesions and find the appropriate treatment for them.

 - The application has a simple and easy interface with distinctive colors. It also helps to navigate between all the drawings using 360-degree rotation.

 There are important x-ray cases

 There are many search options.

 - The possibility of the correct pronunciation of all anatomical terms in the college is the most prominent feature of this application

 - This application is also characterized by the presence of the natural anatomy of both the male urinary system and the female urinary system, which allows the collection of correct medical information about this system through today's application

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