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 Today’s application is a useful and distinctive application for all medical college students or even graduates from them, because today we brought an application that cares about laboratory matters and values ​​that were previously difficult to collect together in one place, so if you are one of the people who struggled with memorizing or understanding these laboratory values, then you  You will benefit from this article, as it is the medical lab tests application that must be present in your device so that you can learn a lot of laboratory values ​​and the correct reference numbers.

 Medical Lab Tests

 This application contains many reference medical tests that you can read, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, clotting factors, electrolytes, blood gases, pancreas, heart and liver tests, the search for proteins, ions, minerals and fats, urine examination, cerebrospinal fluid examination, in addition to knowledge of drugs, toxins and signs of malignant disease and after  By reading them, you can read a useful brief that will help you to know the significance of each value in addition to knowing the reference values, and then you can form an idea about each of these elements and what might happen if it increased or decreased.

 Pros of the application:

 1- The application is characterized by an easy-to-use interface through which you can read it to get the idea and the information you want to understand without having to go into many details, and its design is beautiful and the colors are comfortable

 2- Using the most common international units and standards so that the application can keep pace with all learners around the world

 3- The application has a powerful search engine that helps you to access the information you want, and this application is constantly and permanently updated to reach the latest medical developments and correct laboratory information

 4- There is no need to log in so that you can ensure the security of your information without suffering from privacy violations

 5- Finally, you can benefit from this application by following the latest medical and pharmaceutical news that will develop your experience within the work in the field of both medicine and pharmacy

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