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 The application that we will talk about today is considered one of the leading applications in the field of specialized language education, as this application provides a comprehensive education for the German language in a way that makes the student a professional in this language.  Many language and specialist services so that you can move forward in your specialty if you want to travel to the Federal Republic of Germany.

 German Library Application:

 The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the countries that many students or graduates turn to in order to obtain study or job opportunities there, but they are always faced with the problem of learning the language because German, in their opinion, is one of the difficult languages, but after downloading this application they will discover that the German language is  A simple and easy language, as it is derived from other auxiliary languages ​​such as English and French, and after that he will not find any difficulty in pronouncing or writing the German word. This application contains many books, studies and articles that can teach the student a lot about the German language in addition to the specialized German language.  All these books are free and in pdf format. There is also a section for language level tests such as A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

 Pros of the application:

 1- The German Library application is a free application without paying any amounts outside or inside the application or even paying additional fees

 2- The German Library application does not require a large space, as it is a small application and you can download it on your device without causing any problems

 3- The German Library application is suitable for all Android devices of various versions, so you can download this application, regardless of whether your device is modern or old.

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