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Help your children learn English and mathematics by solving simple exercises that improve their ability to think and analyze through a very wonderful application for children

Brain Test is a free and addictive challenging puzzle game with a series of challenging brain teasers. Various puzzles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring you a new experience that will blow your mind!

The beautiful thing about this game is that you will share your time in something fun and at the same time it has a great scientific benefit, not only sharing time in things that waste this time, this game will leave a unique experience in the world of mathematics and the English language in my opinion, it must be downloaded and tested immediately

Features of this app:

Brain Teasers and Brain Go Challenging and mind blowing: you will be tricked!

• Unexpected answers to the game for a large number of tests.

• Fun for all ages: the best trivia game for family and friends gatherings!

• Enjoy this impossible quiz.

• Download this funny game for free.

• Fun and exciting brain games.

• Great exercise for the brain.

• Simple and highly addictive gameplay.

• Great time passing with puzzle games.

• Play without the Internet.

• One of the best free games. Mind games for adults, puzzle games and new games.

If you are a fan of word games, word search games, riddles, sudoku puzzles, puzzle games or any other quiz games, Tricky Brain Quiz is your best choice! More entertaining than classic quiz games. Mind games and intelligence games are for brain improvement. You can play the best games offline.

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