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 If you want more activity and vitality, this technologically advanced application contains the most important exercises for the back and spine, with videos, a timer, and a plan to perform daily exercises that help improve your fitness and health and treat your physical problems.

With this technologically developed application, say goodbye to physical problems and pains. This application will treat them in a medically correct way, one hundred percent tested by senior athletes and also prepared by senior doctors.

Perfect For: Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Low Back Pain, Spinal Pain, Spine Surgery

The Back Doctor is the trusted authority and program of choice for professional athletes, and it's designed to work for you! It is considered one of the medical needs

- Free!

Used by all star athletes

- HD video lessons showing correct form, timing and repetition

- The scoring system automatically determines your strength level and return to activities

On-screen images help with perfect workouts

Specialist guides for specific pain and increasing core strength

- Optional short exercises for daily use

This program was specially developed by two leading physicians in the treatment of back and neck pain. The Back Doctor is used all over the world for core strengthening and rehabilitation.

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