The best application for switching the mobile interface

The best application for switching the mobile interface

An application that provides you with a completely different way of viewing and interacting with your phone's home page

smartphone and your desktop screens.

- Makes you abandon the traditional style of the traditional desktop and instead of

It builds its interface in boxes. You can put all kinds of widgets, direct access,

Pictures are inside each box so you always have the things you use close at hand.

- One of the features of the application is that it adjusts the information displayed according to the appropriate time

It's from the beginning of the day until the end of the day, relying on calendar dates to anticipate

User moves.

Application features:

- Simpler and easier-to-use interface.

- Make it easier to access applications by automatically organizing them into groups and alphabetically.

- Suggest new applications according to the applications installed on the phone.

- Providing applications that the user needs in a smart way according to time, place, and usage.

- Power saving feature that reduces battery consumption.

- The Do Not Disturb feature that makes the user not receive any alerts while sleeping or in a meeting.

- Quick access to phone contacts by swiping up from the home screen.

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