Application of exam results for ninth and baccalaureate students in Syria 2024

Application of exam results for ninth and baccalaureate students in Syria 2023

An application launched by the Syrian Ministry of Education to download the results of baccalaureate and ninth-grade students

With ease and available to all students and parents.

- The application is now being developed by the Informatics Directorate in Syria

To launch its modern version for the year 2023, the new, upgraded, and improved version.

Where they made improvements to the speed of query and search instead of entering on

The link to the Ministry's electronic portal, which was often broken

According to the recent statements of the Minister of Education, Mr. Darem Al-Tabbaa.

- You can download the official exam results application in Syria 2023 from the Ministry's website

Education via Google Play, which has been equipped with high efficiency to suit mobile devices

Android, and work is being done to provide a copy of it for devices running the IOS system

- To download the application of the results of the baccalaureate 2023 Syria or the application of the results of basic education exams

You must first delete the old version on your phone, if any, and then download it

Application of certification exam results in its updated version.

Application features:

- The application facilitates the process of knowing the exam results for students.

- Relieves pressure on the website of the Ministry of Education in Syria.

- It has a modern and beautiful shape.

- Its size is small, as the application size does not exceed 23 MB.

- Syria Exam Results apk works on Android devices or later.

- Downloading the application is completely free, and working with it and using it is easy.

- The latest application version is 1.7.

The application is available in Standard Arabic.

- The application maintains the complete privacy of the student and his data.

- The application is accessible without official codes or special data.

How to download the exam results in application in Syria 2023:

First: Run the VPN proxy program, as it will complete the application download process easily without stopping the download.

Second: Log in to the application via Google Play Store.

Third: Go to the search engine and type “application of exam results Syria 2023”.

Fourth: The search will give you the option the word “Download the Exam Results 2023 Syria Application.”

You must click on the word, and then install the application on your mobile phone.

Fifth: Wait for the application to finish downloading completely, and then install it on the device.

Sixth: You will see the phrase “Open the application”, then you have to open it in order for it to start working.

Check the application from time to time to make sure that the results are issued or not.


Do not download any application that does not carry the flag of the Syrian Ministry, so that no deception occurs before

Fake applications of students' results that are issued above the production of the appearance of the results do not download

The application is outside of Google so that you do not download any fake application through which a hack occurs

Some private information, through which some information of students is hacked

Or parents and this is a disclaimer by the Student Examination Results Program in Syria

As it undertakes that it does not take any private data when entering it and displays the results clearly

For the convenience of students, you can download it now at the end of the article.

To download 

click here

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