Emojimo keyboard to convert words into emoji:

: Emojimo keyboard to convert words into emoji

The Emojimo keyboard application of the GO Keyboard application translates words into emoji while writing directly, and what is unique about this application is that it contains a large amount of symbols so that you can express your words in an attractive and distinctive way, and the application enables you to add certain symbols to some The words of your choice so that you can use them while writing.

But we have to know that "emoji keyboard" will not work unless we install GO Keyboard before, so the first step is to install GO Keyboard and then you install Emoji Keyboard.

How to activate the application:

You must first download the application from the link at the bottom of the article.

Then you should go into the settings.

And move to the (General) option.

Then choose the option (keyboard).

Then choose Emojimo.

You can now use the keyboard in many applications such as messaging applications, social networking sites, and instant communication applications.

Like most modern keyboards, Emojimo keyboard comes with auto-complete, auto-correction, auto-character adjustment, phrase predictions, and an option to insert text in the form of images and symbols.

All you have to do now is simply click on the download phrase from here at the bottom of the article to be able to download the application and enjoy many distinctive emojis.

"Download from here"

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