Application to monitor your children's phones from your mobile phone

Application to monitor your children's phones from your mobile phone

Are your children spending most of their time on the mobile phone and you are worried

About the content they watch The magic solution is now in your hands

Protect your children and see everything they search for and watch from their phones

Through this app, it is designed to keep your children safe in the world

physical and online.

- The application enables you to remotely monitor your child's device, record and control the device

Screen time, game and app blocking, sync notifications and messages

SMS, location tracking, push alerts, and much more.

- Now you can keep your children safe without following them anywhere and anytime

See the background with your kids' device cameras and hear the environment through your kids' device microphones.

- It is the world's #1 parental control app, thanks to many

Among the features offered by this application, it is specifically aimed at all parents who

They seek to protect their children from the negative side of using the phone and the Internet.

Application features:

- Monitor your child's activities on the phone directly.

- You can control the duration of using the phone screen or even applications.

Get to know your child's actual location.

Remote monitoring of your child.

- Receive permanent notifications and updates from your kid's phone.

- Synchronize notifications that reach your child's phone with your phone.

- The feature of hiding the application on children's phones.

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