Say goodbye to the paper notebook to record daily tasks, replace it with the mobile app

Say goodbye to the paper notebook to record daily tasks, replace it with the mobile app

There is no need for a notebook to record your daily tasks and burdens at work or home. Download the application

And it will make you completely free of carrying a notebook in your bag after today.

- The regular notepad and organizer with weak style are now customized for your smartphone

A real find for those who like to plan every day of the week and the whole week in total.

- This application is easy to use. You will not find any difficult systems for entering information in 

the program

(Everything is entered in plain text mode) Synchronization with several calendars.

- The main mode in the application is Weekly, but you can switch with one click

To the daily pattern and enter the required number of notes, tasks, and agenda

daily and other notes). You will be able to easily modify and delete them.

You can organize your diary to suit you! Despite the apparent ease

The week planner allows you to:

- Choose the first day of the week, for example, Monday or Sunday;

- change the mode from "week mode" to two-day mode;

- Choose any of the designs you like and change them an unlimited number of times;

- choose the most suitable font for use on your device;

- language selection regardless of the primary language of your device;

- Easy to enter notes and check them forward and backward for many months and years;

- Easy to make any recurring events: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, with certain dates, specifying the

duration of the events and canceling them;

- delete completed tasks or unnecessary notes;

- organize and receive sound alerts about important events;

Save copies for later printing;

- to perform a search within the information entered;

- automatic or “forced” saving of information;

- Change the font color to any color you like;

Copying, entering, and transmitting information, etc.;

- Synchronize all your information and secure its confidentiality with the help of a password.

To download 

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