An application that enables you to create presentations

An application that enables you to create presentations and become a designer without experience

The easiest way to create presentations like a professional designer even without day-to-day design

experience Engage your audience and impress teachers, clients, investors, colleagues, and your boss

(even if you're the boss)! Do you need slides for a sales presentation, training presentation or stand,

business report, or school or university project? You will find them. Customize it the way you want and

update your displays at any time. Download, view, and share for free.

- The app has all the powerful and easy-to-use editing tools you need such as resizing, changing the

font, changing color, alignment, order layers and much more Edit your images, texts, and icons in any

way you want.

- All design services and tools are at your fingertips for free images, icons, and fonts No more paying

for packages like other apps, sometimes up to $10 for a photo or icon. The presentation creator app

comes with beautiful royalty-free content for free without worrying about licenses.

- Anything you create with this app is yours to use as you wish

SHARE designs through email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Download as JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

Print from your phone in seconds.

- The application enables you to change the size and choose the size of the images as you want,

completely free of charge.

- Store and edit at any time so you can create as many offers as you want

And store them all for free. They will always be editable from your computer and device

mobile using your Desygner account.

To download 

click here

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