Download an application that draws you as if you were a real drawing


A brief overview of the Pencil Sketch application

The Pencil Sketch mobile program has many different features that you can use once you download the program, where you can choose the image that you want to draw and learn how to draw it through the gallery on your smartphone. You can also take a new image through the back camera or the front camera on your smartphone. Then take advantage of a lot of the various features in the program in order to be able to draw in a professional way. The program is characterized by many features that are not limited, as you can take advantage of each list of all the lists available in the application, and you can use all these advantages that will be mentioned and use all the exclusive features, and therefore when opening The program for the first time you can open a pen menu and through it you can learn with the pen and select the drawing only, but through the drawing menu you can complete the drawing and take advantage of each of all the tools available in the program in order to be able to draw a professional picture.

Unlike many other programs, you can draw in a professional way, scribble the drawing, and exploit every feature of all the available features, and thus draw a distinct picture from many pictures, and receive the opinion of friends about the drawing after publishing it through any social networking site, and then receive likes, and you can use the list of drawings Also, in order to be able to draw different graphics and use various effects, use the appropriate color for the image in order to be able to draw a wonderful image, and after choosing the image that you want to draw and exploiting each of all the tools available in the application, you can exploit a lot of various features, and the program contains an image editor that enables you to During which you organize the images that you drew through the folder of the program, as when you finish any drawing, you must save the image to the phone in order to be able to open it or publish it again after modification, and through the image save button that is found in the program, which you must press when you finish all Modifications to the image and then save all the modifications that you made to the image and save the distinguished official.

Features and characteristics of the Pencil Sketch application

What are the best apps inside the photography section? Through which you can draw more drawings and save them to your smartphone and learn to draw through many of the tools available in the program, and you can save the pictures that you drew in the special folder with one click, but after making the adjustments, that is, saving in the last stage and through the Pencil Sketch program apk

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You can master drawing and develop your talent and creativity if
 drawing is one of your hobbies, use different portrait features, and use more editing tools available in the application.

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