This an application for all doctors specializing in orthopedics

 This an application for all doctors specializing in orthopedics and medical students interested in this field

This application greatly helps medical students who use it to learn very important measurements

In the sagittal position, especially in the pelvic region, and necessity

understand them to assess cases.

- It is an educational app to measure sagittal balance parameters easily by placing your phone

directly on the sagittal x-ray.

Sagittal balance is an imperative factor that must be considered by all practitioners who treat

Spine problems especially for surgeons during the preoperative stage. mechanisms

Prostheses for unbalanced sagittal spines may prevent a successful surgical outcome

A basic understanding of correct sagittal alignment is highly recommended in determining the correct

use of devices fusion or non-fusion.

Sagittal Meter enables you to measure 3 basic angles which are essential for sagittal alignment analysis:

- Pelvic Incidence (PI)

Pelvic tilt (PT)

- disability slope (SS)

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