Download the most beautiful car game with high graphics in a light size

 It is a famous car game that is a race and war through pvp using fast and mountain cars to destroy the opponent in front of you, and it is a group game via the Internet that connects them to fight battles using cars only requires you to buy or obtain weapons by advancing in levels using techniques that enable you to discount , the combat car game for Android, Metal Madness PvP, the time of the fight is this day, you have to confront with very great strength and very high ferocity against many enemies here, the fighting will be brutal, where everyone hits everyone and survival is only for those who deserve and strongly to confront, so be with the required force that enables you In order to defeat all targets within the combat car game, you will face cars of any moving targets quickly and strongly, and also armed, so that you can defeat them. Here, with very strong confrontations, download the Metal Madness game for Android inevitably, and you must enjoy the strength and skill required of you in order to defeat all enemies. To entertain a lot, especially in the fighting battles and the many confrontations that you will find within this wonderful game, continue to fight non-stop because in dangerous battles there are many cars and a variety of others, all of which are under your command. Of course, develop your abilities and skills in fighting and war until you become the best every time you play this game and enjoy With all the confrontations in it, it is one of the wonderful games that is worth downloading and experiencing, so do not miss it at all.

Features of the game Metal Madness PVP

A lot of vehicles that enable you to defeat your opponent, and you can take advantage of them, strengthen them, and equip them with certain tools.

Many multiple battlefields to choose before starting to play.

The game is free without any fees, also equipped with the most powerful capabilities so as not to hang while playing, its quality and high graphics, however, its size is not large and is used by a large number of users around the world, three-dimensional graphics and wonderful effects optimized even on the weakest devices.

Fighting online and entering levels with numbers so that no other people can enter without.

For each level that is won, the game rewards you by sending tools to help you make some adjustments to your car in order to win other battles. METAL MADNESS PvP Apk

The game uses high privacy technologies to protect your information, play online with people from other countries, communicate with each other, and make friends.

It is characterized by a three-dimensional image, which makes you excited to play and your sense of adventure, which shows you the importance of the game and its capabilities that do not affect your device and occupy devices with minimal capabilities.

You shoot, fight, and export your first group, firing missiles at them from a distance.

Carrying out some operations that enable you to open levels and advance to the last level in it, form a team and play against another team via the Internet, and send gifts to some that enable you to use them in your car in order to upgrade their level and engage in other battles and wars and defeat the team in front of you and rank you online and you can Take some screenshots to share with your friends, introduce them to the game, and play together in your free time, as it is a very entertaining game.

It is available on the Google Play Store, you can download it, or via the iPhone’s ios operating system.

For download: click here

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