If you are suffering from your addiction to smartphones and the Internet, this app will help you


If you are suffering from your addiction to smartphones and the Internet, this app will help you

It is an app that is globally trusted by more than 2 million users to treat their phone addiction. This app

is the best solution specially designed to awaken self-awareness against overuse. The app is available in

21 international languages including English, German, Spanish, French, etc.

The main features of your assistant:

- Dashboard: Gateway to the whole day!

The dashboard provides all the essential information in one place. It keeps a track of the "time in use" and "open count" and thus, provides a comparative graphical display of the activities of today and the past 7 days.

- Goal Score: Find out what level of addiction you have By analyzing the data of the past 7 days, the app determines which phone addict category the user currently belongs to from these six categories listed vs. Addicted, Obsessed, Dependent, Habit, Achiever, and Champion.

- Clock timer: Watch the days go by

The "Floating Time Counter" is a unique feature for displaying real-time stats on all shows

applications so that users can see for themselves the time they are passing through. can easily

Drag and drop it anywhere on the screen. The color will also change from green to amber

to red, which highlights that this preset limit has been reached.

- Click on this app!

This section displays comprehensive insights in the progress bar on how many individual apps are used

outside the specified limit. There are many settings here that can be customized to your own preference.

Phone daily routine

The timeline is a sequential diary of what was cooked throughout the day and continues on

Record every minute detail. In short, this is the *what, when, and how much* of all apps used.

- Multiple detailed reports!

Insightful daily, weekly, and monthly reports with great analytics. The consolidated report is delivered

Daily to you every day through a notification. For Premium members, there is also an option

To export PDF format of weekly and monthly reports.

- Export data to xlsx format!

We do not store any personal data everything is stored in local storage Complete data can be exported in an excel sheet from the date of installation for data analysis or statistics purposes.

- Widget: everything on screen!

Users can also enable a cool widget on the home screen to get

Concise view without having to run the app every day We strive to make everyone live a "healthy digital life"!

Stay smart and stay healthy! 💙

Freely available images used herein are credited to Kirsty Barnby and Ryan Stone.

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