Download now the best pool game on mobile


Download now the best pool game on mobile

A great game that you can play with your friends. Participate in PvP or VP competitions

Eight-player leagues.

- Select your stick and table In every competitive PvP match you play, it will be

There are POOL COINS as a bet. Win the game and you will get coins to use

These coins are used to play games with higher ratings and higher stakes or to buy new items in the

Pool Shop.

- Playing with friends is very easy, log in with your Miniclip account

Or Facebook, and you will be able to challenge your friends directly through the game. Challenge

friends anytime, anywhere, and unleash your skills.

- Billiards or Billiard in English, and is one of the old and famous games

And beloved by many people around the world, which depends on skill and concentration, and the billiards game is a different set of games and is not limited to one type of game, which is played with a stick by hitting the balls on the table on which there are some holes. Which balls enter it, and that depends on the type of play on billiards. There is a game of snooker and eight balls 8 Ball Pool and other games that you can attribute to billiards games.

- The eight-ball game is based on the process of naming the hit before hitting it, meaning identifying

the ball

What is meant is hitting it and determining the location of the hole in which the ball must land, and as

we mentioned in

Previous The game consists of fifteen balls numbered from 1 to 15, a white ball, and the target

It is the entry of one of the players into one of the playing groups, which are the seven-colored solids balls

Or the other striped stripes for the other player who inserts his group of balls first

Then he legally inserts the black ball number 8, and he is the winner at the end of the game.

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