An important application that cleans your device of malware to preserve its memory

 An important application that cleans your device of malware to preserve its memory

An important application that cleans your device of unnecessary and harmful programs and works to speed up mobile traffic and work on it smoothly and quickly.

What are the services provided by this application?

- General device cleaning that improves device performance.

- It saves you space on your device, where you can, through the application, search in detail for the files on your device, and determine what you do not need to delete, and in this way you can save 2 GB.

- Improve device performance by managing applications.

- Examines applications that cause mobile problems The application examines the performance of applications and proposes solutions that will improve the work of the application itself in case of problems.

- Free antivirus is available within the application.

Application features:

- The application is free for all devices

Works on various operating systems

- Clean phones and computers

- Accelerates smart devices

- Save more space

- Lock and protect the phone

- Battery management

- Application management

- Virus protection

- Cleaning WhatsApp

Provide safe browsing

- A program can be used to remove programs from their roots and stubborn ones and to clean up the residues and what remains of them.

It can also clean different browsers and respond quickly to popular browsers such as

Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and to ensure that there are no errors, understand the difference between components

Files such as History, Cookies, and more.

- The application also works to clean the random memory RAM very quickly and remove files from temporary files.

- It uses intelligence techniques to identify duplicate and unimportant files, as well as formatting

Files are organized, and it has a lot of services that can be identified after trying the program.

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