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 Information on Wasla Game - Crossword Game:

It is a game that develops intelligence, as it consists of questions that develop general information and increase the culture of the people who play it, as it is irreplaceable because it is an exciting game and rich in definition, as it can only be obtained from here because it is a game of excitement, suspense, fun and intelligence And savvy is a game of link - a crossword game that is a crossword puzzle that is answered directly. Questions related to sports, cultural or social things are answered as the game of link is a global game by all standards and its questions are very good and exciting and develop general information as it is indispensable About it, it is not one of the games that waste time in vain, but rather it is one of the games that develop the human mind, as it can only be obtained from the direct link found here to obtain the original copy, as its site can only be accessed from here because many people cannot Playing games, especially with intelligence and thinking games, thinking that they are not smart, but the link game is a very important game in the life of every person, and it is also things that no one can obtain and enjoy And on the original version, except from here, a game of link-crosswords, as it is a game of intelligence and cunning. A game of link, gentlemen. It is one of the games that leaves a positive imprint on everyone who plays it because it does not waste time. To a high degree of intelligence, except through intelligence games and general information that develops our culture, as it is a really exciting game, as it teaches people and introduces them to a lot of general information, as it is a game of excitement, suspense and thinking, and it also can mature the human mind from zero to large numbers and make man More than one machine, but rather makes him think and ponder. They are very good questions, as no one can get them except from here, and they also contain entertaining questions so that the human mind does not get tired of the large number of cultural questions. It is also one of the games that stimulate success and reach Good levels that cannot be resisted because it is a really exciting game. For example, it contains sports questions, such as: Who was the first country to win the World Cup? Political questions such as who is the first president of the Republic of America? Economic questions such as who is the first director of the central bank? And social questions such as who is the inventor of the telephone and a variety of questions, and very many, come to download the game to reach the highest levels of culture, concentration and intelligence, and it also contains questions such as who is the founder of the Soviet Union? Who is the first player to get the Golden Ball? The Best, and who is the scientist who discovered the femtosecond?

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