Download the best ping pong and play with you and your friends

 Download the best ping pong and play with you and your friends

A great game and a recent version of it lets you play online with real rivals in exhilarating multiplayer


- It's the best two-player sports game! Simply swipe to hit the ball and smash it into the opponent's goal.

Use intuitive screen gestures to apply rotation and trim to your returns and even get them through a

professional service.

- Earn fans on a World Tour every season to unlock ten amazing virtual arenas. Take on tougher

opponents and get bigger rewards Find cool blades, rubbers, balls, and shoes to take your game to the

next level.

Game features:

- 1v1 real-time multiplayer ping pong game

- The game enables you to play with your friends. Invite your friends and challenge them to have fun.

- Season Pass to unlock exclusive rewards.

- Training mode to practice every shot and try out advanced equipment.

- You must be connected to the internet to play.

- The game is free to download, however, some items are available for purchase with real money

If you do not want to use this feature you must disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

Explanation about this game:

- Table tennis is a sport played by two or four people on a hard table divided into two equal halves with

a rubber net. It is played with small paddles and a plastic ball, the aim of which is to keep the ball away

from the side of the opponent and restrict him from returning the ball correctly to win a point.

- The game is played up to 11 points, provided that you are at least two points ahead of the opponent,

otherwise the game is extended for an additional point until it ends with a difference of two points from

the opponent.

- The server replaces between the two opponents after every two points, with the exception of a tie for a

point (10-10). The alternation of serving becomes once for each opponent at each point.

When serving, you must hit the ball from your right side to the opponent's right side.

- When throwing the ball up (at the beginning of the service), a point is calculated for the opponent if it

made a mistake in serving, whether it fell outside the table or the ball hit the net.

- There are no restrictions on where the ball lands on your side or the opponent's side. For example, if

the ball bounces twice on the opponent's side, your point is calculated even if it hits the edge of the


During play, if the ball hits the net and bounces back to the opponent's court, it is your point, except for

the serve.

- The doubles partners must take turns exchanging balls from the opponent during the game, regardless

of where the ball lands from the table.

- The ball cannot be returned before it hits your own half of the court once and if it is returned before it

hits your half of the table it counts as a point for the opponent.

- If the ball sails over the middle of your table without landing on it until the end of the table, it counts

as a point for you, even if it hits you or your racket.

- If the ball rebounds by itself because of the heavy spin to the net after it fell in the middle of the

opponent without him touching it, then this is a point for you.

- It is permissible to touch the ball or the table with your hand that holds the racket after returning it to

return a short serve, for example, provided that the table is not moved, otherwise a point is counted for

the opponent.

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