An app that helps you lose weight by walking

 An app that helps you lose weight by walking

Have you been walking on a daily basis?

Do you want to lose weight while sitting at home?

The solution with this great app Walking companion motivates you to walk daily Walking for weight

loss also helps you maintain your weight Use it for walking at home and keep fit.

- Walking is the best way to lose weight by applying a professional plan for regular walking and

temporary brisk walking for short distances that is specially designed for weight loss. The combination

of regular walking exercises and brisk walking helps you burn fat effectively and lose weight in a short


- The application provides the user with three levels, whether you are a beginner, professional or

advanced, you can find the right exercises for you.

What programs are available within the application?

Daily walking programs for various goals.

Individual interval training programs designed specifically for weight loss.

- A ready-to-use 3-month plan with 5-7 training days per week.

- 3 program options for different levels: Suitable for both those at the beginning of life's journey

Healthy or already living a healthy life and exercising regularly.

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