A very important application that alerts people when earthquakes occur

 A very important application that alerts people when earthquakes occur

It is a free mobile application that alerts residents and collects testimonials

In real time when an earthquake occurs.

- It is the first and official app of the EMSC Advanced European Seismological Center

Application features:

- Provides information and data in real time.

- Provides short message service to notify people when they are affected in the area by an earthquake.

- Access to comments, photos and videos by eyewitnesses.

- Exchange of information via social media.

- The app provides safety tips after an earthquake.

How does EMSC detect earthquakes?

It is discovered by witnesses of earthquakes, and they are the first to feel the earthquake, hence the first

to report that an earthquake has occurred And also through the Internet and mobile phone technologies, 

which allow the rapid collection of information about the effects observed by witnesses, 

who are asked to fill out a questionnaire and share photos and videos.

Who is EMSC?

EMSC is a not-for-profit international non-governmental scientific organization founded

Established in 1975. Based in France, EMSC collects data from seismographs

From 86 institutes from 57 countries. While the real-time seismic information service is running

EMSC advocates for public participation in scientific research and paves the way for its flagship

product, The way for innovative methods to build communities more resilient to disasters is

 making EMSC Among the pioneers of disaster applications dedicated to earthquakes and tsunamis.

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