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There are many times that you may be confused whether my phone is waterproof or not. Can I go swimming with my phone to take all the beautiful shots, so we came to you today and through this application in a blog, download an answer to this question

 Do you want to know if your phone is waterproof or not? Thiz wonderful application will tell you that and thus you will be able to check whether it is really waterproof or not

Description of the application: This application will help you to test whether the IP67 / IP68 water resistance seals on your phone are still intact using the pressure gauge built into your phone. Do note that seals can be compromised with drips and device ageing - be sure to keep your phone away from all liquids!

Note: If your phone does not have a built-in barometer, it cannot be supported. A pressure gauge built into the phone is required for the basic functions of this app, and no app can actually install the missing hardware.

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