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 If you are a student in a medical college, you must have once needed to study the anatomy of the digestive system, so today we came with the Digestive System application. It is an amazing application that allows you to delve into the study of the digestive system in its various forms and data. 

Digestive system features:

The digestive system is considered one of the best applications that display three-dimensional anatomical images, and this is what made it a destination for many medical college students, as it gives a perception of the correct placement of each part of the digestive system. 

And being a three-dimensional application allows the student to study the anatomy of the digestive system at an angle of 360, in addition to the student's ability to move, rotate, zoom in and zoom out the anatomical images. 

The application has an easy-to-use interface in addition to hiding the details that hinder the learner's focus on the parts that interest him in his studies. 

Digestive system displays radiographs and clinical cases attached to images taken through the X-ray machine. 

In the application there is also the ability to speak all the words related to the digestive system and its anatomical parts. 

It is true that the three-dimensional imaging is the best thing in the application, but there are also images of the two-dimensional sections, which are of great quality and because many cases need to be investigated for cross-sectional images of the digestive system.

Thus, the application take a great place for every learner who wants to learn the parts of the digestive system to be able to obtain the expected scientific benefit with great quality, accuracy and anatomical parts similar to the natural anatomical structure

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